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Rocky 1976

Yo Adrian!

Had I seen Rocky before or hadn’t I?  I was sure that I’d seen it, so I began by only paying half-hearted attention.  But the more I watched, the less familiar it seemed.  Maybe I somehow missed the first one and had just seen II or III, or maybe it had been so long ago that I forgot the plot. Anyway, Lauren and I wrapped up our weekend by watching the 1976 Best Picture winner.

Considered one of the great sports movies of all time, Rocky stars then-relative unknown Sylvester Stallone in the lead role and Talia Shire in a supporting role as Rocky’s girlfriend Adrian.  I never realized how the first installment of Rocky centered so heavily around Rocky and Adrian’s relationship as opposed to the boxing match.  I might even go so far as to call this a romantic movie.

Carl Weathers stars as Apollo Creed, the defending world heavyweight boxing champion, whose possible opponents for the championship fight all have commitments or have fallen out of shape. Creed decides to fight an amateur from Philadelphia in honor of the country’s 200th birthday and selects Rocky Balboa for no other reason than his catchy nickname, the Italian Stallion.

Rocky begins training with an old guy named Mickey, all the while courting the extremely shy sister of his friend Paulie.  Adrian eventually crawls out of her shell a little and falls for Rocky.  The two profess their love for each other in the boxing ring as Rocky goes the full fifteen rounds with Apollo, something no other boxer had ever done before.

As has been the case with most movies in the 1970s, this was another of my favorites. There are dozens of iconic quotes and scenes from this movie, as well as music. Just an all-around classic!

If there are any downfalls, I think the acting is oftentimes shaky, and the story itself is fairly unbelievable, but I guess the first Rocky is probably the most believable of any of them. Doesn’t Rocky get a robot maid in one of the newer movies?

In the end, I couldn’t quite make room for Rocky in the top 10, but it slid in at #13.

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  1. Rocky 3 and 4 have taken the spotlight because of the action. I had never seen Rocky 1 either until a month or two ago, and it was fantastic.

    Spoiler Alert –

    Rocky 3 he demolishes Mr T. and befriends Apollo. Rocky 4 he is dirty rich, has the robot housekeeper, and avenges his new friend Apollo’s death by defeating the Russian Ivan Drago in Moscow and winning over the crowd.

    My childhood was centered around these two films, back to the futures, and rambo: first blood, so I have seen them 1,000 times.

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