1997 • Titanic

Titanic 1997Let me just start off this review by telling you that I, Ryan Glanzer, have physically touched the mighty Titanic. I reached over a railing at a museum while security wasn’t looking and made contact with the front of the ship that was on display. Yeah, I know, I’m awesome.

Prior to this project, I had seen Titanic only once, and that was in the Huron, SD theater with my family in 1997 on a Sunday afternoon. I remember drinking a 44 oz. pop during the movie and then racing to the bathroom afterwards and holding up the line at the theater’s only urinal because of stage fright. Imagine, Mom and Dad taking us three kids to see a movie with a topless Kate Winslet! I remember so many people who had gone to see the movie in the theater multiple times over the course of the year. Surprisingly I never revisited Titanic until now.

As if any background is needed, but James Cameron’s masterpiece tells the tale of a top/bottom class affair between the well-to-do Rose and poor American Jack, set against the backdrop of the maiden voyage of the world’s mightiest ship. It sure seemed to me, anyway, that the romance was the real story here because we already all knew how the whole ship thing would turn out.

Titanic of course is one of the few Best Pictures where everyone knows the ending before the movie ever begins. We all know the ship is going to sink, but watching the movie again I hoped somehow things would turn out differently for Jack and Rose this time, and maybe the crew would avoid the iceberg, or Jack would manage to hang on and not die of hypothermia.

I would have to say that Titanic is an appropriately-rated movie. It was super-hyped at the time and lived up to it. That said, there are some all-too predictable moments and some embarrassing lines (king of the world, for one). It is one of the longest movies, but doesn’t feel like it; I was very engaged from start to finish. How could any young girl watching the movie not be smitten with Leo DiCaprio, and how could any young man not fall for Kate Winslet.

My favorite moment of the movie was when Rose jumped from her rescue boat back onto the sinking Titanic to remain with Jack. sniff, sniff… Now that’s a romantic scene!

Titanic was easy to rank in the top portion of the project. I decided #11 was a good place for it, right ahead of Cuckoo’s Nest and right behind Kramer vs. Kramer. Up next, 1998’s Shakespeare in Love.

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