2006 • The Departed

The Departed, 2006 Best PictureUgh… I do so poorly attempting to follow movies with lots of characters and confusing plot lines. I got up for ten minutes and made a burger during the first half hour of the movie and came back totally lost and never recovered. And I’ve seen this movie before! I remember being just about as equally confused in the theater in 2006 as I was Sunday night watching The Departed in our Best Picture project.

Basically, what I got out of it was this: You’ve got the Boston police and a notorious Boston organized crime syndicate, each with moles working on the inside for the other, and the moles both happen to be involved with the same woman but don’t realize it. Any attempt on my part to further explain the movie would be a waste of my time and yours.

The movie’s highlight is that it stars a plethora of huge names: Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Alec Baldwin, and Vera Farmiga, just to name a few. I constantly kept confusing Damon and DiCaprio’s characters. Over and over. There’s a ton of crime, a bunch of Boston accents, and just about everyone ends up dead.

I hated The Departed the first time I saw it, especially since my friends were gushing about how awesome it was. And as much as I tried to go in open-minded and like it the second time around, it just didn’t happen for me. Maybe I should really give it a fair shake and watch it a third time, completely uninterrupted with 100% focus. I feel like I should like it if I understood it from the get-go. I remember that year during the Oscars really rooting for Little Miss Sunshine. I’m still of the belief that The Departed won just because it was finally Scorsese’s big year and not necessarily because it was the year’s best movie.

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